Advancing Epinephrine Management

Epi-N is a software empowering epinephrine users and allowing anyone to help save the life of someone with allergies.

Ease of Use

Access all emergency resources instantly

Leverage all emergency support easily and with confidence. Epi-N has been designed to be simple and effective. Our team of designers has taken feedback form users to make a platform that is one of a kind and at it’s core, life saving.


Personal Assistant

Enter you information once for safety anywhere

Don’t let allergies slow you down. Epi-N is completely adaptable to any lifestyle allowing you to effortlessly be safe and free. We are HIIPA and GDPR compliant. Allowing you to have a robust personal assistant whenever you have your phone.

Protecting you is our priority

Our team makes sure that those with allergies have a simple and cost effective solution to their problems. We reduce the risk of fatality and the occurrence of complications in and out of an allergic event. Staying safe should be easy. With Epi-N, it is.

Epi-N user

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As an Epi-N member, you get all the tools you need to be safe in an affordable package.

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We at Epi-N love hearing from you. If you are interested in what we are doing please share you story with us!

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