Who We Are
Our Mission
We are a software company committed to improving the lives of Epinephrine carriers and advancing the way that Epinephrine is handled in the future.
The Current Issue
There is currently no tailored solution for individuals with allergies, or guardians of these individuals, to obtain the resources necessary to save a life during an allergic reaction.
Over 3.6 million Americans have life threatening allergies, yet on average only 20% carry a working Epinephrine pen. 
Millions do not have the means required to save their own life in the event of an allergic reaction.
Meet the Solution
When the Beacon is pressed on the homepage of the app, a message will be sent to 911 dispatchers and listed emergency contacts, at the same time sending an alert to the users pen if they have opted-in to our Bluetooth capabilities. This enables a user to receive emergency resources faster and in family use situations can reduce 911 response time by up to 20%.
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